[Joshua 10.22]  [‘Bring out the 5 kings’] vs 24 ‘Joshua told the captains of the army to put their feet on the kings necks’

3) TASTE [king].

O.k. then. This is my final look at taste, and then we move on. One of my favourite short verses in the Bible is ‘O taste and see that the Lord is good’  [Psalm 34:8] When unsaved folk ask me to prove God exists, I ask them to first prove love exists! I ask them to hold love in their hands or put it under a microscope to observe the movement of love and tell me what it looks like. You can’t! You can only say what love feels like inside of you. The only time you see love is within the person in love and how they act all goofy and stuff! They can’t explain it to me, and so I then go on to explain you can no more prove God exists as to prove love exists or that gravity exists because you can see it; or the wind blows because you can see it! No, you see and feel the effects of gravity, and you see and feel the effects of the wind, and love and God! You have to experience love! It’s an inside thing. Love has to be tasted personally! I can’t explain to anyone how love really feels; they need to try [or taste it] for themselves! And it is exactly the same with God, ‘He is provable only by personal experience’ You, yourself prove God exists in your own heart by inviting Him in and tasting for yourself just how good He really is!

Also look at this verse in Hebrews 2:9 ‘And God/Jesus tasted death for us all’.  What did it taste like? I know it means so much more than taste, it means experienced, felt, encountered, partook of and underwent.  Jesus went through all of that not so that we would be defeated by our natural tastes and temptations, but that through Him we would overcome them, be victorious over them and be more than conquerors in Christ above them. Yes, I know it isn’t easy, I fail daily, but we have been given authority to tread on the necks of these demon kings, so let’s get back up and do it.

Also check out proverbs 9, it contrasts the tasty banquet of the woman called wisdom and the benefits if her fare, verse 1-12, in contrast to the woman named folly, she say’s her food tastes the best, however, her former guests are now in HELL! Verse 13-18

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Let's make a start. I am a Christian but I guess that's pretty obvious. I am a gardener, builder by trade. I live in the Black country. I love 50s 60s 70s and 80s music. I play guitar and sing. I do open mic nights, I love growing veg and flowers, but I don't eat the flowers. Well I eat cauliflowers but that's not the same. If you need a good Gardener/bricklayer/landscaper and plasterer, not all in one go of course then contact me. My business is Dedicated In Gardens or D.I.G. Do you get it! Or do you dig it?
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