[Joshua 10.22]  [‘Bring out the 5 kings’] vs 24 ‘Joshua told the captains of the army to put their feet on the kings necks’

6) FAITH Faith is a supernatural sense. If I could use one other word for faith it would be REALTY! Just read the first 6 verses of Hebrews 11 and it’s plain to see that ‘faith is substance’. It’s more real than physical matter, because, that which we see was in fact created ‘by God’s command’ [Hebrews 11:3] So the paradox is that that which we see was created by that which we can’t see! [Hebrews 11:3]

Our senses find this hard to grasp! They can let us down, trick us and fail us. They often tell us what the ideal situation should be, whereas faith keeps us firmly planted in reality. FAITH is from and based upon the word of God, so we have a choice; solely believe our senses or believe the word of God also. Not as easy as it sounds especially if your world is falling apart!

However, a glance back in to chapter 10 of Hebrews and verses 35-36 and we are exhorted to ‘not throw away our confident trust in the Lord, no matter what happens. Remember the great reward it will bring you. Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God’s will. Then you will receive all He has promised you.’

Note the underlined word NOW! The writer picks up on that in 11:1, NOW faith! Faith works in the present now! We learn from the faith of others in the past 11: 4-40, but WE have to exercise our ‘now faith’. Note also the word ‘THEN’ in 10: 36! You wont get the then till you’ve activated the now! i.e. ‘Now’ continue to express faith and confident trust in God ‘then’ you will receive —- You fill the blank!  You sow now[first], then you reap later! I’ll pick up on this again another day.

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  1. kimmal says:

    Lovely John, just right for me thanks x

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