A BLACKCOUNTRY GARDENER [in Stratford on Avon]

[in Stratford Upon Avon]

JANUARY 4th 2013

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You may be wondering why a Blackcountry gardener is working in Stratford? Well, quite simply it’s because there’s work there and there’s work for me there, and best of all I really enjoy it. This blog is for those who want to read it, for those who are beginners in the garden, and right up to the professional, as we all can learn something new! Well, I have to say the weather the last week has been wonderful. Very mild for January and there’s been a nice drop of sunshine also the last 2-3 days, in comparison to the past two years when at this time we were white over.



Stratford for me is quite amazing, as the weather always seems to be a tad milder than in Rowley where I live and many of the plants are a lot more forward than my own. There’s been a lot of singing from the bird population also especially the great and blue tits. There’s quite a lot of activity in the flowerbeds too, as I have some nice primulas, pot marigolds and primroses in flower, though it’s a bit early and I hope the weather doesn’t turn for the worse!


Pot marigolds on a sunny south facing wall.

I am doing a bit of experimenting this year as I have the use of a cold greenhouse there, so I have sown two lots of lettuce this week under glass. One is the little gem and the other iceberg as both varieties can tolerate colder conditions. I’ll keep you posted as to how they fare! In this mild weather I am preparing more of the beds in readiness for spring proper, albeit I already have a lot of spring plants in the ground already, but because of having a lot of seeds from last years sweet Williams and wall flowers, I decided to sow a few later ones as extras to dot here and there, well, most of them germinated so I have a lot of plants to go in to the beds, and quite a few self setting Godetias and alpine wall flowers to transplant in a few weeks.

At home I prepared another strawberry bed as I am using the raised bed method this year. I am also planting more flowers in the vegetable plot this year to try to encourage bees and helpful bugs! I am posting a few of the photos I have taken this week of my ‘blooming lovely flowers’, they give that tinge of hope of the prospect of spring! Bring it on I say.

Anyway, if you need a gardener, or just want to ask a question please contact me on this post, on face book or on

johnkarlw@gmail.com, happy gardening. J

Ps, I heard on the news that it’s going to be a hard year in 2013 for food prices especially vegetables after the awful year last year, and so I am really going to push the veg and fruit side of this post! Can I encourage you right now to be thinking how you can grow your own food this year, be it in the veg plot, in with the flower beds, or tubs, baskets, pots  and grow bags. :-0


About wonderboy57

Let's make a start. I am a Christian but I guess that's pretty obvious. I am a gardener, builder by trade. I live in the Black country. I love 50s 60s 70s and 80s music. I play guitar and sing. I do open mic nights, I love growing veg and flowers, but I don't eat the flowers. Well I eat cauliflowers but that's not the same. If you need a good Gardener/bricklayer/landscaper and plasterer, not all in one go of course then contact me. My business is Dedicated In Gardens or D.I.G. Do you get it! Or do you dig it? johnkarlw@gmail.com
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2 Responses to A BLACKCOUNTRY GARDENER [in Stratford on Avon]

  1. Kim says:

    Love it, you have me as a follower : ) x

  2. Hey John, Looking good! I like the idea of encouraging people to grow your own, more nutrients than the supermarket. I’ll tweet and facebook share you too. Kathie

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