I want to pick up now where we left off before Christmas, but first here’s a summary of what we previously looked at!

Matthew 25:14-30 ‘again, it will be like a man going on a journey who called his servants and entrusted his property to them. To one he gave 5 talents, to another two to another one – to each in proportion to his own ability.’

· A parable is a natural story or situation that is used to teach a spiritual principle. The parable of the talents is predominantly about the servants and the talents! It links in with the parable of the 10 virgins and both are related to the 2nd coming of Christ! The parable of the virgins is about how we ‘prepare and wait’ for Jesus’ return, and the parable of the servants how we ‘prepare and work’ for His return! The central theme of this parable is that every believer has received a talent, ability, skill or gift from the master, and that we have been endowed with these gifts, which differ in number and type according to ‘OUR ABILITY TO USE THEM’ for and in the service of the master! The parable clearly teaches that the master [God/Jesus] expects us to use these gifts in His service and to ensure returns to Him for His investment in us when the King returns!

· The man going on the journey and the Bridegroom of verses 1-13 are the same person! ‘The Lord Jesus Christ!’ Christ was on a journey when He left heaven and came to earth. On earth and right up to His ascension He was on a journey, a mission! However, even now in heaven, He continues that journey through His body [the Church] and His journey will climax at His 2nd advent. However, before He left this earth on His way back to heaven He entrusted His possessions to His chosen ones, you and I! Please note the phrase, “his property”, “his possessions”, “and his goods!” The key theme here is that the talents, goods, money, etc, belonged to the man, the noble man, ‘the King!’ They were his to give as he chose, and they were to be returned to him with interest and increase upon his return from his journey! So, whatever talent/s, property, possessions, money, gifts, skills and abilities we have, “THEY ARE NOT OURS!” We came in to this world naked and we shall leave it thus! All of our substance is borrowed from God! It is all from Him and shall one day return to Him! However as the parable teaches, whilst we are on this earth He expects us to put our talents to use and increase His returns through them.

· I like how the Message Bible puts it. ‘He called his servants together and delegated responsibilities depending on their abilities’. God gives us abilities and a responsibility to use them wisely and for the good of mankind and His Kingdom. However, He will never give us more than we can handle! The reason the man gave different amounts of talents/possessions was not favouritism, but wise delegation because he knew his servants and how much responsibility they could handle! I know many Christians who do the lottery and say, ‘if I won I would give most of it to the Church, the mission field or to God’, however, if they really won millions would they really know how to handle such great responsibility and fulfil their vow? Maybe they would, however, I believe I have what I have be it money, ability, skill or talents in the amounts I have because God knows how much I can handle without going under with stress, pressure and inability to cope! And I somehow think He’s probably done the same for you? With great power comes great responsibility [Spiderman], but the Bible teaches that great accountability is required from the receiver of the talent/s as well as great responsibility! I have shared before that I was doing loads of things for God at one time and seemingly legitimate too! But most of them were what I thought I should be doing, or what others thought I should be doing, but I just couldn’t say no! Not now!! I know my major giftings and I stick to them. God has given me responsibility for them and I am accountable to Him for their use and the returns to Him for His investing them in me! Was the servant with the one talent jealous of the other two? Quite possibly, but we should never be jealous of others talents or the amount they have, because God knows they can handle them and we couldn’t! So, get to know yourself better, get to know God better and ask Him to show you what He wants you to do with what he has delegated to you!

PRAYER gracious loving Father, help us I pray to grasp the teachings of this parable as we see more and more of the signs of the times that ‘the return of the King’ is so close. Help us to prepare ourselves for His 2nd Advent. In His name we pray. Amen


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