Idea_light_bulb : lamp head businessman have got an idea and showing with his finger to something

I reckon the biggest enemy of success is a ‘don’t try anything attitude!’ If you want success you have to do something, if you want to triumph, then first you must try, and add to your efforts, passion, dedication, commitment, or as I put it ‘umph!’ So, to triumph, then you must try with some umph! Many say Edison had 1,000s of attempts before he invented the light bulb! These are his own words:

“I have not failed 1,000 times. I have
successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.”

So in reality, he had 1,001 attempts and succeed on the one thousand and first attempt! What if he had given up on 1,000?

The other aspect of success as well as to try, is to not give up! I love the film ‘Galaxy Quest’, and their motto is ‘never give up, never surrender!’ So, today give it a try, give it some umph and never give up nor surrender! Live long and prosper.

Galaxy Quest        


About wonderboy57

Let's make a start. I am a Christian but I guess that's pretty obvious. I am a gardener, builder by trade. I live in the Black country. I love 50s 60s 70s and 80s music. I play guitar and sing. I do open mic nights, I love growing veg and flowers, but I don't eat the flowers. Well I eat cauliflowers but that's not the same. If you need a good Gardener/bricklayer/landscaper and plasterer, not all in one go of course then contact me. My business is Dedicated In Gardens or D.I.G. Do you get it! Or do you dig it? johnkarlw@gmail.com
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  1. Kim says:

    Love it : ) x

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