Proverbs 23:17-21 Living Bible (TLB)

 Don’t envy evil men but continue to reverence the Lord all the time, for surely you have a wonderful future ahead of you. There is hope for you yet!

O my son, be wise and stay in God’s paths; don’t carouse with drunkards and gluttons, for they are on their way to poverty. And remember that too much sleep clothes a man with rags.

I see two rests here! The rest in God through reverence, trust and hope in Him! And the alternative rest which usually consists of frittering and wasting lives away on empty and hollow pursuits and destructive negligence which usually ends in sleeping ones life away and living in a continual mindless stupor. [I’ve done it so I know what I’m talking about!]God knew you and I before we were born. He knows the plans, purposes, missions and destiny that He has prepared for us in advance so that we should fulfil them. Our future is bright, meaningful, significant and one in which we can make a difference, and that’s just here on earth! So why should we envy anyone? I don’t! I don’t give two hoots what the other guy’s got, cuz I’ve got God, I love, worship and serve Him. He has blessed me immensely and whether I have much or little, I am content cuz I have at this present time, that which God wants me to have!

However, the wonderful future ahead of us depends largely on our obedience to God and walking in His pathways for our lives! Discipleship doesn’t come cheap; it comes at a price! COMMITMENT, DEDICATION, FAITHFULNESS, LOYALTY, TRUST AND PASSION FOR GOD! The advise of the Holy Spirit through Solomon is “don’t stray from God’s paths, don’t waste your time with wasters, the foolish and negligent!’ But you say ‘I’m reaching out to them!’ What, by joining them and doing what they do, getting sozzled and soused and stuffing yourself till you’re almost sick? And then sleeping your life away when there’s so much more for you to do and enjoy! So John, you don’t drink? Yes, I do! But in very limited amounts, the same with food, but from experience I know where it leads! I used to get sloshed, I used to say things that I’d get embarrassed about when I found out about it the next day. Then I’d go and stuff my face on food about 11pm at night, then end up throwing the lot up, getting the spins in bed, then saying never again, then the following weekend do exactly the same again! And folk wonder why I’m so passionate about God and love Him so much! He delivered me from this cycle and pathway of destruction. What else can I do but live in daily thanksgiving to Him!!

This sounds tuff and like I’m being critical! I’m not. I did all those things B.C. before conversion. Now A.C. after conversion I refuse to fritter my life away. Do I go to pubs? Of course I do! I reach out to lots of folk in them, but I’m not of them! I belong to a different Kingdom, I’m an alien here, a visitor from another world! So, folk need to see and hear a difference. Have I got it together yet? You are kidding me! But I know the difference and am trying to attain the heavenly rest and not the earthly [God missing] rest.

PRAYER read this again and pray as the Spirit leads.


About wonderboy57

Let's make a start. I am a Christian but I guess that's pretty obvious. I am a gardener, builder by trade. I live in the Black country. I love 50s 60s 70s and 80s music. I play guitar and sing. I do open mic nights, I love growing veg and flowers, but I don't eat the flowers. Well I eat cauliflowers but that's not the same. If you need a good Gardener/bricklayer/landscaper and plasterer, not all in one go of course then contact me. My business is Dedicated In Gardens or D.I.G. Do you get it! Or do you dig it? johnkarlw@gmail.com
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