A CHRISTMAS PURPOSE [the reason for the season]


As we saw in my first preamble to my Christmas posts, God uses some very strange people under very strange circumstances.  He takes underdogs and makes them winners. He uses what the world thinks as foolish, worthless and useless and brings about His redemptive purposes through them. I mean, come on, the story of Ruth takes place somewhere in the middle of the Judges period. Israel were up and down like tower bridge [more down than up], yet in the midst of this period we have this beautiful story of love and redemption in the midst of darkness and chaos. Israel sinned, God then allowed their enemies to terrorise them till they would repent, then God would send them judges to bring them back to Himself. Then when the Judge died, the same cycle of sin, trouble, repentance and redemption would start again!

Not much difference from todays news ay or closer to home, pretty much all of our lives! Love, hate, terrorism, romance, heroes, villains, bereavement, family troubles and heartache, peace, war, loveliness and ugliness, good and evil. Nothing’s changed much except for technology and more haste, less care for each other and less respect perhaps also! But life still goes on and if we look for and seek that which is good, and lovely and noble it can be found.

Christmastime is when there ought to be more love and care shed abroad to our fellow man, but sadly it isn’t so, in fact it seems to get worse. Look at Boaz, now he’s a proper man. Look how he greets his workers! Look how he cares for them! Look how he cares for Ruth a stranger. He tells his men to keep their hands off her and not to rebuke her, in fact he tells them to drop more gleanings than necessary so that Ruth and Naomi will eat properly. He gives her bread and food and water and courage to go on. He’s respectful, kind, generous, thoughtful and caring. How many folk do we meet like that these days? Men, women, youth and children! May be this Christmastime we will consider being more considerate instead of rude, thoughtless, disrespectful and uncaring.

Also, back to my thoughts the other day about thinking outside the box and looking at genetics and the importance of Bible names! Mahlon means sickly, and Kilion means weak or wasting away! But Boaz means “strong” or “by strength!” Sounds good to me. Just as Boaz brought hope and redemption to Naomi and Ruth and thus back into the genealogy of the tribe of Judah, [the Messianic line], so too does Jesus, our Redeemer. He gives us Redemption and hope. So this Christmas give God some thanks for the strength of His love, mercy, redemption and hope in and through Christ our redeemer.

“A Prayer Of Thanks For Redemption”

February 26, 2010

Father, we drink of the crushed fruit of the vine to remind us of Christ’s pouring out His life’s blood so that we might have forgiveness of sins.  We eat the communion bread made from wheat that is cut down, threshed about, and put to the fire.  So too, Jesus, the Bread of Life was threshed about to the utmost on our behalf. We deliberately remember and regularly commemorate the act that Jesus commissioned at the Last Supper with the disciples.  His supreme sacrifice of dying for our sins so that we might be forgiven is worthy of great honour and faithful remembrance.  Amen.

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