DAY 1 “A great Christmas ADVENTure!”

1st December 2016 DAY 1Image result for advent pics free

Let’s make this Christmas an ADVENTure this year. I will look at some Bible verses and some stuff that’s happened this year and see how it may tie in with end-times teachings and the second advent of Christ. Also I’ll be looking at general Christmas Bible study and personal testimony.

Image result for isaiah 9.6

The first thing I think when I read the above verse is “HOW ON EARTH DID GOD’S PEOPLE [the Jews] MISS THIS EVENT?” Isaiah was one of the greatest Old Testament prophets, so why did they not believe his words? The Jews knew the scriptures, they knew the child would be born, probably every girl in Israel grew up with the dream of being the mother of the promised Messiah. There were promises galore all pointing to the first advent. So what happened? Why did so many miss the first advent of Christ? And why is it so possible that many may miss the second advent of Christ?

The first thing for me is that the Messiah came in a way that the Jews didn’t expect or even want!  For Messiah to to come in humble circumstances and with no great [man orchestrated fanfare] was anathema to them even though many scriptures taught Messiah would be born of flesh [Genesis 3:15] And that He would be a lowly servant at His first advent [Isaiah 53] They missed it I believe, because the Old Testament teaches 2 advents. [We’ll cover more of that later!] One which portrays a victorious Messiah destroying Israel’s enemies and giving them peace in the land. The others are in absolute contrast! A lowly servant Messiah, born in poverty [Bethlehem was a sheperding village] no glamour there that’s for sure! We know now in hindsight that this was God’s will! The first advent was to bring Salvation by Jesus the Christ being crucified by Jew and Gentile. The 2nd advent will be to inaugurate the millennial and eternal Kingdom of God. So given a choice which one would you want as your Messiah! Humble servant or victorious King? Exactly! So the Jews conveniently skipped over the scriptures concerning this meek Messiah and focused on the scriptures revealing a victorious Jewish King riding a white stallion to victory for the Jewish nation. They so totally missed it!

So, what has happened this year that was a shock and not expected by many folk and the media? Step up BREXIT, step up Donald Trump. Everyone seemed to expect a landslide win for the remain campaign, and so too for Hilary Clinton. However, what was not thrown into the pot was God, His will, plans and purposes and His fired up fervent intercessor’s who had tapped into the heart of their Father God, King and creator of heaven who desired His will to be done on earth as in heaven and of course ordinary people who would not believe the lies of the media and self-centred politicians, and they voted what they saw as was best for Britain and for the USA. So, are you saying God wanted Brexit to succeed and Trump to win? Are you saying He didn’t? Listen to this: “It is He [GOD] who changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and establishes kings. He gives wisdom to the wise And [greater] knowledge to those who have understanding! Daniel 2:21 [Amplified Bible]

APPLICATION: Why do I think God would  want Brexit? And why would God choose Trump? My personal answer to that is Pro Jew, Pro Israel and pro national sovereignty! Britain under the EU has become more and more antisemitic and we have lost much of our national sovereignty. Through Brexit, [I believe] the government and the Church will begin to rise up for God and I prophesy we will become more pro-Israel alongside our old allies the USA who under Trump will become more pro-Israel and together the USA and the UK will spearhead a renaissance of good will and help get Israel to a place where she will be ready for the time of Jacobs trouble and the UK and USA will spearhead an end time revival in readiness for the tribulation period and the return of Christ. [my interpretation and prophesy]

Tomorrow we’ll look at: “and the government shall be upon his shoulder”. [Isaiah 9:6]

PRAYER Heavenly Father God. I thank you for the scriptures. Thank you that the Bible is a road map to keep us headed in the right direction. Thank you that it is the manual to keeping our lives in top condition. Thank you that it is a light for our walk in this dark world. Thank you that it reveals to us what was, what is and what will yet be. So I ask heavenly Father, give me wisdom to understand and a willing heart to do what your word says in Jesus name and help me to watch and pray this Christmas season, amen.



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