DAY 12 “A great Christmas ADVENTure!”

December 12th 2016

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I made this statement yesterday:  “There were 400 years of silence. No voice of God, no Holy Spirit, no angels, no major or minor prophets! Just zip, nada, nuttin!!” Now suddenly, it’s none stop signs, visitations, prophecies and wonders angelic dreams, hosts of angels! Read Luke Chapters 1 & 2, alongside Matthew Chapters 1:18 through the whole of chapter 2 and meditate on it yourself. It’s fast and furious. You have angelic visitations, numerous from the messenger Arch angel Gabriel visiting ordinary common people. Ordinary people being filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesying. There are supernatural dreams, with good news and warnings! There are signs in the skies, there are 1st advent birth pangs [Christ’s birth, His coming the first time], upheavals, mass people movement, a wicked king and religious leaders trying to destroy Jesus and this move of God. No room for Jesus anywhere, there’s movement from east to west, unexpected people chosen by God for His purposes on earth. And of course everything centred around Israel, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

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So fast forward to the present and we see lots of this going on right now. I haven’t personally had angelic visitations to my knowledge, but you can read about or watch about cases where they’ve come to warn us of end time events. I’ve had quite a few prophetic words over the past 12 months and a few strange dreams. The world is suffering birth pangs in readiness for Christ’s second advent, His coming a second time to the earth. They are increasing and getting more intense daily. We are seeing cataclysmic upheavals of all sorts on the earth which are signs of the times. Though there are more people living on this earth than the whole of human history, yet there’s little room for Jesus and in His Church too. Yet God is raising up ordinary people to do extraordinary things for Him and He is once again bypassing the elite.

APPLICATION: I could go on. Check it out though yourself. There are plenty of signs pointing to Christ’s second advent. Let us watch and pray that we don’t miss out in the action. Below are a few end-time links you may want to check out.


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