DAY 18 “A great Christmas ADVENTure!”

December 18th 2016 [Day 18]


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Now, Joseph took with him Mary, his fiancée, who was obviously pregnant by this time.  And while they were there, the time came for to deliver her baby  [Luke 2:5-6]

These verses seem almost to contain throw away phrase! Mary was ‘obviously pregnant!’ And the time came to ‘deliver her baby!’ Now, being a guy I have no idea what pregnancy and child birth is like, however, being a dad I have some insight into the process. First thing we note in the Christmas narrative is that she was obviously pregnant, this was whilst they journeyed from Nazareth to Bethlehem, approximately 100 miles! Imagine! They would have to go at a walking pace which would’ve taken them 8-10 days especially remembering that Mary was nearing her time of child birth and would be in great discomfort on a donkey or camel!?

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The journey would’ve taken its toll upon Mary and they got to Bethlehem village in just the nick of time, as she entered into the final stages of labour. Desperately trying to find shelter and clean facilities to give birth they sought out an inn, however, as the pair were probably the last to arrive, there was no room for them in the inn. So they were offered the last room available, ‘a cut out shelter in a rock for animals to shelter!’ It was dark, dingy probably smelly, messy, noisy and with much toing and froing of people.

And so, in that first advent there was great upheaval, pain, anguish, sorrows, turmoil, then great joy as the child is born. I was there in the last 24 hours up to my son’s birth and there was great anguish, pain, upheaval, then joy as our son was born. The second advent of Christ will not be dissimilar! Jesus and Paul both prophesied great troubles, upheavals and much anguish before Christ returned at His second advent! It’s almost as if heaven now becomes the birth canal for which Christ the Messiah uses to enter upon the earth a second time! Tomorrow we will look at some of the birth pangs which abound now and what is yet to come [despite new teaching on eschatology that the world is getting a better place]. More of that tomorrow.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father God. I thank you for sending you Son, the Messiah a first time as a lowly servant to save mankind me included. Thank you that He is coming a second time as King and Ruler to take His rightful place as the true God of this world and universe. Amen.


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