18 3 2017


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Ok, Easter is only a few short weeks a way and I want to take a good LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG look at the road to the cross! From Gethsemane to Golgotha. From the cup of sorrows to the cross of suffering. Very often the crucifixion is portrayed as quite tame! I propose to blow that fallacy out of the water. It was a bloodbath, a slaughter-house of blood, guts and gore except in a slaughter-house the animal is stunned and [almost] dead, Jesus wasn’t! He was conscious of every cut, gash, rip and tear of His flesh. He felt every blow! It took Him hours not minutes to die. If it is too much for you to bear then please don’t read any more of these posts! However, I would suggest that you don’t turn your back on the truth and reality of what our Lord, Master and Saviour did for us on that bloody road! He deserves better than that. We will then look beyond that to Christ’s burial and resurrection. This road is going to be very hard for some to walk down, nevertheless, Jesus walked it for us and the least we can do is walk it in remembrance of Him, after all, we take communion regularly in remembrance of Him, perhaps after reading this we will change the way we view the bread and wine? Yes, they are only symbols, BUT when we take them, do we really realize what Jesus truly suffered?

Now [I hope] after doing these meditations that we will?! Please let me say, in writing this that it in no way dishonors the memory of our awesome Redeemer! What I write is Biblical and historical fact whether some folk believe it or not, I believe it, millions believe it so as far as I am concerned, that settles it. And so what is written really happened to Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God. I am asking you to walk down this dusty and blood spattered road with me because many Christians don’t realize what Jesus the Messiah has achieved [literally endure] to redeem us back to God and as I have been studying this for some years now I feel it is time to let others see into this powerful truth who may not have the time or inclination to research it themselves. I have researched this material quite extensively and though much of it is what great scholars and theologians have spent their lifetime studying, yet I have discovered that many Christians don’t read or research for themselves in these days of super techno where many things are thought out for us and so we have become very lazy indeed [mentally]! And so, I am hoping you will look at my simplified studies on this subject. I will keep each section short, concise and as straightforward and uncomplicated as I possibly can! For easier assimilation, I will use my “easy to understand and remember” method of study which I call C.A.P.: Context Application Prayer. The first letters of each word spells C.A.P. which means they should take head or top place in our minds! I will first look at the subject matter in Context of the days in which it was written! I will then bring a ‘life Application’ to help us apply it now in present real-time! I will then Pray a Prayer asking Father to help us apply these teachings to our lives!

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Prayer: Heavenly Father God. My prayer is that you will join us [as you did in Christ Jesus with the two brothers on the road to Emmaus] and on this journey together, we may grow in awe and reverent fear of our wonderful Saviour Jesus Christ and become more mature in Him as we seek to become more and more like Him. Amen



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