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Ok, so I need to finish this topic off and get back to the rapture of the Church, [pretribulation!] So, two more questions re this subject!


Firstly: I haven’t got a clue why they want to go through the tribulation period and experience a post tribulation rapture except that they believe chronologically that a post tribulation period and rapture is scriptural for the Church! However they don’t seem to be able to answer some very simple questions like:

  • If the Church is caught up after the 7 year tribulation period to meet with Christ on His return to earth and that the Church returns immediately with Him as a [pure white and spotless bride] then where do they fit the bema seat judgement of believers into that short space of time [in which we become that spotless bride?] It would all have to be in a nano second!] And then there is the marriage and lengthy marriage supper of the Lamb of God [Christ] to His Bride [the TRUE Church?] to fit in! How will this happen in a nano second?
  • If indeed the TRUE Church [ecclessia/called out ones] do go through the tribulation period. Then why is the word ECCLESSIA not mentioned at all after Revelation Chapter 3? EVER AGAIN?!! The tribulation period extends from Chapter 6 to 19 and THE TRUE CHURCH cannot be seen during this whole period in those chapters! Go check it out yourself! I’m serious. Get your Strong’s concordance as I did and search. Check the original Greek in the interlinear Greek to English lexicon. I did! IT IS NOT THERE!!!! [More of that another day!]
  • And of course the obvious question: If [as He did] Christ absorbed God’s wrath for us on the cross, and because He is our head and we are His body, and Christ already took God’s wrath upon Himself for our sins [which he did as a propitiatory substitute], then why [through] His body of true believers [THE TRUE CHURCH] corporate and individual, would they have Him to suffer the wrath and indignation of God again in us, [His body on earth during the tribulation period] which is the time when God, The Almighty One pours out His wrath on the sinners, unbelievers, godless Christ rejecters and of course Jacob [Israel]? The answer of course is He won’t! He doesn’t! Because we simply are not there in it! We love, serve and obey Christ. We are His adopted children, why would He treat us the same way as the God rejecters and rebels? It is illogical! They are crucifying Christ again! [‘Oh’ I hear you say! ‘I hope you can back that terrible statement up?’] Observe:  As Saul traveled he approached Damascus, and suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him [displaying the glory and majesty of Christ]; and he fell to the ground and heard a voice [from heaven] saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting and oppressing Me?” And Saul said, “Who are You, Lord?” And He answered, I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. Acts 9:3-5 Saul was attacking Christ’s body, the Ecclessia, the called out ones of Christ. Observe how the risen ascended and glorified Christ in heaven is suffering through His body on earth! Why would it be any different through the terrible time of the great tribulation period? Answer me that please.

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Secondly: Why would the partial preterists teach that the tribulation period concluded in AD 70? That there is no ‘future’ tribulation period or time of God’s out poured wrath upon humankind and the church is going to prepare the world to be ready for Christ’s return? And that the world is becoming a better place through the influence of the Church [salt and light] Okay, this is my shortened answer as I wish to cover it in more detail another day.

  1. Well, as I have checked out the proponents of this take on the end times, and I have realized that the majority of them are seeker sensitive Churches, I have discovered that they seem to not want to offend seekers with harsh truths and difficult to digest doctrines like THE WRATH OF GOD, THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, THE TRIBULATION PERIOD, HELL AS WELL AS HEAVEN! And much more. This will help bring seekers in and hopefully get them saved with a diluted gospel! [DO THE MATH!]
  2. They are also Churches that want to find a middle road or common ground with other religions and to see how they can blend the two together without causing offense or upset. This would include Islam, The Roman Catholics, Judaism, New age and other ism’s and schisms. HOW CAN YOU HAVE CHRIST AND NOT ALL OF HIS DOCTRINES? The gospel is offensive to folk, it was to me 34 years ago, but when the light of the glory of Christ hit me like Saul on the road to Damascus, I embraced Christ and all of His doctrine. How can someone escape HELL if they are told there is no Hell? How can they escape the wrath of God if they are informed there is no wrath of God? And how can they enter the Ark of deliverance from the fiery flood WHICH IS COMING UPON THIS WORLD if they’re not informed of a way of escape [IN CHRIST AND THROUGH THE RAPTURE] so as not to offend seekers?
  3. For me, they are the end-times Laodicean Church. Laodicea is made up of 2 words: LAOS [people/humankind] and DEKE [Deekay] which is [justice/rights]. So, Laodicea was the Church of HUMAN RIGHTS rather than the Church of OBEDIENCE TO CHRIST’S COMMANDS! This ideology is becoming more prevalent in some of the Churches.

Okay, so I’ll cover this stuff in a bit more detail another day. But for now, get your Bible, a note pad, a good concordance and GO FISH!



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