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The  Greek word ‘HARPAZO’ is very interesting and controversial. It is defined as rapture in the Latin script and once you start using that word, well,  some people [Christians] get a little upset, especially if you say I’m a pretrib rapturist! Did I say I was a pretrib rapturist? Sorry, I mean I’m a pretrib HAPAZO-IST!

WHAT IS HARPAZO? The above image spells it out as it is! I often picture a little child who has wondered onto a highway or train line and a great juggernaut or locomotive is coming towards the child and you have to violently snatch the child out of the way!

Now we know that God is a loving God, so He would have to have a very good reason for snatching/seizing or carrying off by force the object of His love, His Church/body of called out ones/Ecclesia. [but more of that next time!]

Now I really like the above image, however; whoever did it, didn’t quite get it right as the word used in Revelation 4:1 is not HARPAZO, but ANABAINO, which has a similar meaning but it doesn’t imply the snatching up! Nevertheless it does imply a taking up into heaven! So here are the English from Greek meanings of anabaino, and I’ll leave it with yourselves to draw your own conclusions and interpretations:


However, very interestingly [and very rarely touched upon] until very recently is the fact that the word HARPAZO is used in Revelation 12:5 in relation to the Great Sign in heaven. The child is SNATCHED UP [harpazo]. Even more interesting is the view of many that this Great Sign will appear in our skies on September 23rd 2017!  [FIG 1] GO FISH!!

[FIG 1]

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