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Okay, so I want to continue to delve deeper into the word HARPAZO! What does it really mean and why did the apostle Paul choose this word or better still, why did Holy Spirit inspire him to use it? So, just a reminder that the word used for the snatching away of the people of God, His true Church is rapture RAPIO [Latin] or HARPAZO [Greek].

Harpazo [the original use in Greek] means to literally snatch away forcefully. So I asked the question: ‘why would our loving and gentle God have to snatch us away in a forceful manner from this earth?’

I immediately Got this picture of a father and his small child walking up the high street which was obviously to me an ‘all through traffic’ road! As the pair walked along, a massive juggernaut came into view and at the same time the little child spotted a toy shop! The child moved to the kerbside as the juggernaut came closer. The father saw the juggernaut and at the same time saw his child getting ready to cross the road and he knew the child would be hit by the truck, so he reaches out, grabs the child by his collar and “Forcefully” snatches him away from the danger of death and destruction! It is to snatch away or out of the way or out of harms way! It is also to eagerly claim for oneself an object of love, desire or something you care about. What does that tell you? [Sellah], go ponder that!

And so, I thought and thought till my thinker was sore, what on earth could happen to cause Christ to return in the air and snatch us forcefully away to be with Him for evermore? [A bit of the Grinch rhyme there!] And I came up with 3 major things! You may come up with more?

  1. Jesus simply desires for us to return home to His Father’s house for the bridal house is ready  and so also is the banquet! Everything is ready and the bride needs to ready herself for her bridegroom as the wedding of the Lamb nears! This would explain harpazo as ‘the eagerly desiring to claim the object of ones love and affection for oneself and thus eagerly take it up and back to oneself!?’
  2. The rider on the red horse has ridden out and world war 3 commences! This would obviously include nuclear warheads going up and fired upon all the nations of the world! As the warheads are about to hit, would not Jesus come to rescue us “snatch us up and out” away from the maelstrom? I think so!
  3. There are massive cosmological, meteorological and seismological events on the horizon that are about to impact our solar system and planet! These will initially decimate possibly 1/3rd of the earth, its resources and population for starters. As these systems are about to clash into one tumultuous event, ‘zap’ we’re snatched up and away from it or taken out of it just as Noah was and lot was!

So, I’ll look more deeply into these 3 possible case scenarios over the next week. Be blessed and be at peace.

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