7.1.2018 [DAY 7]

Comfort zone

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Scriptures:  “You are the salt of the earth”. Matthew 15:13a

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The purpose of salt these days is to savour food. Some still use it to preserve food by salting, and especially brining with fish, but with modern-day preserving agents, refrigeration and freezers it’s not so widely used. Here are some interesting facts about salt:

Salting is the preservation of food with dry edible salt. It is related to pickling in general and more specifically to brining (preparing food with brine, that is, salty water) and is one form of curing. It is one of the oldest methods of preserving food, and two historically significant salt-cured foods are salted fish (usually dried and salted cod or salted herring) and salt-cured meat (such as bacon). Vegetables such as runner beans and cabbage are also often preserved in this manner. Salting is used because most bacteriafungi and other potentially pathogenic organisms cannot survive in a highly salty environment, due to the hypertonic nature of salt. Any living cell in such an environment will become dehydrated through osmosis and die or become temporarily inactivated. The food hence preserved stays healthy and fresh for days avoiding bacterial decay.

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Application: Jesus says that we [the Church] are the salt of the earth! When we use salt today it is usually in salt cellars or salt mills [for coarse grain salt] There are two ways to get the salt out of the cellar or mill: by [1] SHAKING or [2] GRINDING. Both ways agitate the salt to get out and do the job it was designed to do: “TO SAVOUR FOOD OR PRESERVE FROM IT CORRUPTION”. In other words to have a tasteful and preserving influence over food! 

Now, translate that into us [the Church] being the salt of the earth, [that is] ‘that the Church should bring a good savour, flavour and preserving influence on to the earth, or our nation, community or neighborhood!’ The question is are we being and doing what we were designed and destined to do? Am I bringing a savour and preserving effect upon my nation, community and neighborhood? You see, the problem is, we like the comfort zones of the salt cellars and mills, ‘that is the Church!’ So, there are times when God has to SHAKE us or grindingly AGITATE us to get us out of the Church comfort zone which is already full of salt and out into the earth which has little or no salt! We’ll dig a bit more into that next time.

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