Day 7


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Scriptures: When they finished ridiculing him, they took off the scarlet robe and put his own clothes back on him and led him away to be crucified. And as they came out of the city, they stopped an African man named Simon, from Libya, and compelled him to carry the cross for Jesus. They brought Jesus to Golgotha, which means “Skull Hill.” Matthew 27:31-33

Observation: The walk from the praetorian barracks to Golgotha was a walk of shame. Not that Christ Jesus did anything shameful, He just carried our shame! [Isaiah 53]. Imagine, all the folk he’d fed, healed, blessed and taught, they now looked upon Him battered, bruised and weak! The one they had cheered on as He entered Jerusalem as their Messiah, the crowd who had cried out hosanna to the most high God, now saw [what seemed to be] an ordinary defeated human being! All along the route His blood dripped on the ground [the dust] from which man was formed. He carried our guilt and our shame. We all have a shame walk! I know mine, you know yours, but His blood dripped red so our sin and shame could be washed away, cleansed whiter than the snow. He shed His blood for our shame, our walk of sinfulness, and He shed His blood so that as we walk each day with Him, through His blood we will be overcomers and in Him we will have the victory. Here’s an interesting footnote I found: Matthew 27:33 The Aramaic word Golgotha is, in Latin, calvaria, or Calvary. David brought Goliath’s head (Goliath and Golgotha are taken from the same root word) and buried it outside of Jerusalem. Some believe this is where it got its name, Golgotha (the place of the skull). The cross has to pierce the place of the skull for our minds to submit to the revelation of the cross.

Application:   Here’s a link to a great song. Listen to it and let the words wash over you.  

Just click on this link, it should automatically take you to the you tube song!?


Image result for Jesus's walk to Golgotha pics


Prayer: After this song you should be able to formulate your own prayer of thanksgiving.


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